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Re: Empire-discussions (was Re: [rox] Invitation / Einladung 2. Oekonux-Konferenz)


Please followup to [ox-en], if you want to continue this discussion.
Just some remarks:

On Sun, Sep 22, 2002 at 04:11:23PM -0400, alan wrote:
Empire indeed has little to say on the matter of free software, p2p
as a mode of production telematic antagonism. With the exception of
the chapter on postmodern production, which is very broad. The
interesting stuff, which forms the concealed background to this part
of empire is the work of Paolo Virno, Maurizio Lazzarato and to some
extent Bifo (Franco Berardi). This body of writing has a distinctly
productivist touch, even though its object is to identify the social
realtions which lie behind. 

Empire (and other texts from Negri and Hardt) put the stuff around
"immaterial work" in a more global context, this is new and very
related to free software IMHO. Also new (at last for me) was the more
explicit specification of "affective work".

btw: The WAK-Group (Stefan named it) plans a workshop about "Empire"
at the conference.



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