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[rox] Re: [ox2] Some open points

On Sun, 6 Oct 2002 stefan.meretz wrote:

(1) Check your schedules: We finished our conference time table.
Please check the times of your contribution via  [en]  [de]

if it fits with your Berlin arrival and departure times. As you can
see, the time table is completely filled. Therefore we only can make
changes in really important circumtances (e.g. arrival/departure
times etc.). Feedback to projekt please.
Hmmm, my parser seems to be broken - I do not see an entry for me.
But in principle I'm quite flexible.

(2) Send your travel costs: If not done yet, please don't forget to
send your approx. costs for traveling to Berlin (especially by plane)
to LutzH <me>. We need this for further planning.
I'll check that.

(3) Add/improve your abstracts: Some of you did only submit rough
or sometimes no abstract of their talk. Please add or improve your
abstract, so that participants can decide, that _your_ presentation
is really interesting:-)
Will come soon.

You have no abstract submitted yet for your talk:
   'Freie Software in der Medizin'

Please walk directly to your talks page(s):

'Freie Software in der Medizin':
???? bit scrambled, isn't it?

Remember your keycode to enter the edit mode? Ok, here again:

I hope this wil make sense once the URL is OK ...

Kind regards



[English translation]
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