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[rox] Fwd: my session, accomodation

oops i'm getting confused between the two Stefan M's!

i think this should have gone to meretz.

speaking of which i just got your mail on accomodation. i'm arriving 31st october and leaving nov 3rd. i hope you know that i am accompanied by my wife. by private accomodation i assume you mean with friends-of-oekonux, so i hope you keep that in mind! if it is a problem that i arrive on 31st rather than 1st, then i can arrange to stay (and pay) for hotel accomodation on that one night.

it is the last day of the FLOSS project, so it is still possible for me to charge some expenses to FLOSS on oct 31, but not afterwards!

ps. my flight is considerably cheaper than the EUR 370 you estimated. it will be 277, but there is also a 59 euro cost of the taxi shuttle from maastricht to brussels airport.

Date: Mon, 07 Oct 2002 01:03:35 +0200
To: smerten
From: Rishab Aiyer Ghosh <rishab>
Subject: my session
Cc: rishab Aiyer Ghosh <rishab>

am i really supposed to talk for 2 hrs? or the 10 am session on nov 2 which only has my name on it going to have more people.

if it's just me, i may like to have ruediger glott come along as well. he's the sociologist who worked on the survey methodology, and has the advantage of being able to speak german. he commutes between maastricht and goettingen, so you may be able to pay for his travel from goettingen to berlin. if not, there is a small possibility that the FLOSS project could pay for it (small, because FLOSS ends october 31 and the EC is strict about dates of receipts for incurred expenses).

which reminds me, could you let me know the name of the hotel i'm staying in?



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