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Re: [rox] berlin ticket problem

Hi Rishab!

37 minutes ago Rishab Aiyer Ghosh wrote:
dear stefan,

The accomodation stuff is managed by StefanMz, so he may say something

on another note, i wanted to confirm that the time of my presentation is
fixed at 10 am on sat. 2/nov, (the website still says it is not final!)
because on saturday nov 2 i will be busy in the afternoon (i will have to
leave the conf around 2:00 pm).

We don't expect further rearrangements at the moment, so I think we
should change the status to final. Should rearrangements be necessary
after that, we'll clarify that here.

i have talked to ruediger glott, who will probably be able to join me in
the presentation, ideally if you can pay for his transport from goettingen,
and he has friends in berlin he can stay with.

I think, we made clear that we can pay only for one person per
presentation. Please understand, that at this moment we can't make any
other arrangements.

						Mit Freien Grüßen



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