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[rox] Character of the conference

Dear speakers,

Just in case there is any doubt about the character of the conference
due to the two recent mails, I'd like to translate a paragraph one of
our team members wrote today in `projekt' [which is
archived anyway and thus public].

  In any case the first Oekonux conference did not become a meeting
  point for a single political group. There have been participants of
  different cultural and/or political orientation, and of course there
  were a few "Anarchos" among them (whatever that may mean). However,
  this did not play a role; the topic of the conference were in the
  focus and all discussions took place extremely peaceful.

German version:

  Die erste Oekonux-Konferenz ist jedenfalls nicht zum Treff einer
  einzelnen politischen Gruppe ausgeartet. Es gab Teilnehmer
  unterschiedlichster kultureller, bzw. politischer Orientierung,
  und sicher war auch der eine oder andere "Anarcho" (was immer
  das auch sein mag) darunter. Dies hat jedoch keinerlei Rolle
  gespielt; das Thema der Veranstaltung stand im Mittelpunkt, und
  sämtliche Diskussionen verliefen extrem friedlich.

Thomas said it very well, and I'm looking forward to a similar
experience in a bit more than two weeks.

						See you all



[English translation]
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