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Preparing presentations (was: Re: [rox] Beamer and internet access)

Hi all!

Today Stefan Meretz wrote:
We have PCs in all rooms for audio recording. We check if they can be used
for presentation as well (why not?). I try to organize, that we will have
OpenOffice, Mozilla, and MagicPoint on these PCs (no M$-stuff).

StefanMz is right.

My laptop will run StarOffice 5.2 (not 100% PC ;-( ), MagicPoint 1.09a
(100% PC) and Mozilla 0.9.4 (100% PC). I did presentations with
ghostview/gv (100% PC) so all you need is a PostScript file.

I think I'll place my laptop in Track B because that's the one where
my presentation is.

If anyone would like to send me his/her presentation to put it to the
laptop, I can do that in advance. Please send by private mail to safe
the list from the megabytes.

Anyway I can do that for all the presentations which rely on a local
computer so they are all on my laptop and I can care for the

In any case it would be good if you have a floppy disk with your

						Mit Freien Grüßen



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