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[rox] Missing abstracts and length of abstracts

Dear Rishab, Sheen, Jussi,

while preparing a folder for the conference participants I saw, that
you did not enter an abstract into the database. *Please* do that as
soon as possible! If people shall visit your presentation they need to
have a chance to know what is it about. The title alone does not

To all: Right now we have 28 speakers listed in the database. If the
conference folder should contain each speaker and at the same time
should not become a book, we have to limit the room for each speaker /
abstract to a single or even a half page. This means, that abstracts
which need multiple pages will be *very* tiny on paper - together with
all the remaining information about you. So please consider shortening
your abstract if it is quite long. Anyway short abstracts have a
better chance to get read ;-) .

For the post conference documentation there are no size limits so
there you can be as verbose as you want.

Ahm - we did not decide on the format of the folder yet. I just played
around a bit and these things came to my mind.

						Mit Freien Grüßen



[English translation]
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