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Re: [rox] Missing abstracts and length of abstracts

dear stefan,

sorry but i've been really busy speaking at several conferences in the past month... anyway, i have the abstract attached as html, could you please enclose it on the web-site/print version? i'm not sure how to put it on the website (i know i have an account for the oekonux site somewhere, but...)

as a bonus, ruediger has written a german version so you don't have to translate this.


At 03:23 PM 26/10/2002 [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED], you wrote:

Dear Rishab, Sheen, Jussi,

while preparing a folder for the conference participants I saw, that
you did not enter an abstract into the database. *Please* do that as
soon as possible! If people shall visit your presentation they need to
have a chance to know what is it about. The title alone does not
Title: The F/LOSS study — Socioeconomics of free / open source software development

The F/LOSS study — Socioeconomics of free / open source software development


Rishab A. Ghosh / Rüdiger Glott




In recent years, free software and open source software have gained enormous importance, in software markets as well as in policy-making. The main drivers of this trend have been the success of products like the Linux operating system or the Apache web server. However, only few is known about those who produce this kind of software, the community of open source and free software developers. In a comprehensive study, the F/LOSS project (F/LOSS stands for Free/Libre and Open Source Software) has revealed the socio-economic characteristics of this diverse community. Our presentation will, firstly, provide an overview of the methodology and the sample of the study. Following, we will present differences in the fundamental beliefs and motivations of the F/LOSS developers. In the latter context, we will focus on two aspects: Firstly, we will clarify the impact of closed software for the community of F/LOSS developers; secondly, we will critically discuss the hypothesis that very much of the principles of free and open source software development can be explained by economic motivations and orientations, which is a prominent point of view in economic literature.




Free Software und Open Source Software haben in den letzten Jahren erheblich an Bedeutung gewonnen, nicht nur für Softwaremärkte, sondern auch für die Politik. Wesentlich getrieben wurde diese Entwicklung durch den Siegeszug von Produkten wie dem Linux Operating System und dem Apache Web-Server. Über diejenigen, die diese Software erzeugen, die Community der Open Source- und Free Software-Entwickler, ist hingegen bisher nicht viel bekannt. Das F/LOSS-Projekt (F/LOSS steht für Free/Libre and Open Source Software) hat in einer umfassenden Studie die sozio-ökonomischen Merkmale dieser mannigfaltigen Community erhoben. Der Vortrag wird zunächst die Methodik und das Sample der F/LOSS-Studie vorstellen. Im Anschluss daran werden Unterschiede in den grundlegenden Orientierungen und den unterschiedlichen Motivationen der F/LOSS-Entwickler präsentiert. Zwei Aspekte werden dabei die Schwerpunkte unseres Vortrags ausmachen: Zum einen klären wir, welche Bedeutung Closed Software für die Community der F/LOSS-Entwickler hat, zum anderen setzen wir uns kritisch mit der in der Literatur über Free und Open Source Software häufig betonten These auseinander, dass die Prinzipien der Entwicklung von Free und Open Source Software weitgehend durch ökonomische Motive und Orientierungen erklärt werden können.


[English translation]
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