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[rox] Conference documentation

Ich halte die Mail mal in Englisch. Wenn irgendwer Verständnisprobleme
hat, bitte melden.

Dear speakers,

first of all: Thanks to you all. Your content made the conference a
big success :-) .

But now for the uncomfortable part of this mail ;-) . Please send me a
documentation of your talk / presentation. There is no deadline but I
would really ask you to not wait to long.

It would be great if you could send me a paper. If this is not
possible please send me at least your slides.

As for the last conference
[] I'd like to
convert all the textual documentation to a single uniform format. So
there is no much use to send something fully layouted because it gets
converted to something rather simple anyway. If you would like to have
a layouted version please place it on the web somewhere and add a link
to this place so people can find it from the conference documentation.

However, it is absolutely necessary that I have access to the source
so I can convert it. So please don't send PDF. I can use the following

* Plain ASCII (may be with mail like layout hints and additional
  pictures if necessary)

* StarOffice 5.2 `.sdw'

* Word `.doc'


* LaTeX (unsure whether I can use that)

* StarOffice 5.2 `.sdd' (unsure whether I can use that)

* PowerPoint `.ppt' (unsure whether I can use that)

Please use a format close to the top of this list - i.e. I like plain
ASCII most. If you have the option please send me the stuff in
multiple formats so I can choose which one to use.

Please send the stuff to me by *private* mail to save the list from
the mega-bytes.

BTW: The audio recording seemed to have worked at least most of the
time as far as I can see now. We need some time to filter the raw
data, but I think most stuff will come out in a quality it is at least
no pain to listen to.

						Mit Freien Grüßen



[English translation]
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