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Re: [rox] Conference documentation

Hi Stefan, I was a little surprised to find myself with the baddies <g>, as I had indeed sent my p2p essay some weeks before the conference.

Unfortunately, because of my sabbatical situation, an old Mac with no MS capabilities, I only have access to the draft version listed here:

see links on the left. I hope that will do.

Another problem: I gave the letter with my ticket stub to my wife last thursday, but unfortunately, she lost it on the way to the post office. I hope the honest founder will post it in our place, but if not, I am in trouble, because I have no other proof that my presence in Berlin...

Any suggestions? Mine is: I'd be happy with half of the sum, if I can get it without that proof, and give the other half as gift ...


Dear speakers from the 2. Oekonux conference!

2 weeks (18 days) ago Stefan Merten wrote:
 But now for the uncomfortable part of this mail ;-) . Please send me a
 documentation of your talk / presentation. There is no deadline but I
 would really ask you to not wait to long.

Today I like to thank

* George Dafermos
* Sheen Levine
* Bernhard Reiter
* Gregorio Robles
* Graham Seaman
* Andreas Tille
* Stefan Winkler

for the material they send me about their talks. In addition I like to

* Uli Weiß
* Jörg Bergstedt

for their material about their contribution in a workshop.

 It would be great if you could send me a paper. If this is not
 possible please send me at least your slides.

This applies to all others not mentioned above. Particularly:

* Michel Bauwens
* Marc Fiedler
* Rishab Ghosh / Rüdiger Glott
* Jamie King / Alan Toner
* Uwe Müller
* Roland Schnell
* Jussi Silvonen
* Sebastian Stegner

for the talks and if available for the workshops:

* Benni Bärmann
* Willi Hajek
* Stefan Meretz
* Wolf Göhring
* Rehzi (as a reminder)

As you can see the second list of missing documentation is still
longer than the first one :-( . Please contact me in any case so I
have at least a clue what to expect.

The following still applies. However...

 As for the last conference
 [] I'd like to
 convert all the textual documentation to a single uniform format. So
 there is no much use to send something fully layouted because it gets
 converted to something rather simple anyway. If you would like to have
 a layouted version please place it on the web somewhere and add a link
 to this place so people can find it from the conference documentation.

 However, it is absolutely necessary that I have access to the source
 so I can convert it. So please don't send PDF. I can use the following

 * Plain ASCII (may be with mail like layout hints and additional
   pictures if necessary)

 * StarOffice 5.2 `.sdw'

 * Word `.doc'


 * LaTeX (unsure whether I can use that)

 * StarOffice 5.2 `.sdd' (unsure whether I can use that)

 * PowerPoint `.ppt' (unsure whether I can use that)

 Please use a format close to the top of this list - i.e. I like plain
 ASCII most. If you have the option please send me the stuff in
 multiple formats so I can choose which one to use.

...I'm going to write a filter for the XML format OpenOffice uses. So
I will be able to convert anything readable by OpenOffice -
particularly StarOffice and PowerPoint presentations.

Ahm - I forgot to mention MagicPoint `.mgp' above which is also good
of course.

And please don't forget:

 > Please send the stuff to me by *private* mail to save the list from
 the mega-bytes.

						Mit Freien Grüßen


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Michel Bauwens, mbauwens

[English translation]
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