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Re: [rox] status: reimbursement

Hi stefan, see my remark
on the other list. My wife lost the letter with the ticket stub on the way to the post, and if the honest finder does not send it, I have no other proof. I propose to halve the amount and to consider the other half a gift to Oekonux.


Hi all,

step by step we are reaching our sponsors limit, which first has to be
reached before starting the reimbursement practically. Until now, ten
persons send me their receipts. Three additional person find others ways.

Good news: We are able to reimburse the travel costs for everybody who
made a contibution - including those people not explicitly invited by us!

All of you who did not send their receipts/ticket yet will receive another
private mail (five persons). Well, it seems to be not so easy to handle
snail mail in times of email, I can imagine;-)

I will wait one more week. However, then I will go our sponsor and do the
final calculation with receipts I have at this moment.


    Vereinte Dienstleistungsgewerkschaft ver.di
    Potsdamer Platz 10, 10785 Berlin
    private stuff:


Michel Bauwens, mbauwens

[English translation]
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