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a roadmap to socially-responsible, sustainable economic and technological growth

Ingredients of advance for any social and economic system

Social capital


Financial Markets and Trade

What about Technological Innovation?

Organisations and Determinants of Organisational Structure

Why Organisations exist?

Determinants of Organisational Structure

Introduction to Organisations



F.W. Taylor

H. Fayol

Breakdown in Communication

Employee E needs to contact employee O but cannot go to O directly due to hierarchic (bureaucratic) impediments. So by following the line of authority, the ladder must be climbed from E to A and then descend to O, stopping at each rung and, then back all the way again

M. Weber

H. Ford

Japanese management at Toyota

Libre Software

Why Libre Software has anything got to do with organisations and management styles?

LS is more than software and the LS development model is more than another way of developing software. In stark contrast to what most people think, libre software development is neither an anarchy nor it is a miracle that its model is successful and sustainable

Why should we be concerned with the paradigm shift demonstrated by organisation of LS projects?

What is Libre Software?

Logic of Libre Software

Software Industry: Development Models - The Cathedral & The Bazaar

The Cathedral

The Bazaar

The Bazaar

Parallel release structure

The Bazaar

Advantages of Libre Software

Availability of source code and the right to modify it

The right to use the software in any way...

Combined with redistribution rights, ensures (if the software is useful) a large population of developers-users, which helps to build up a market for support and customisation which can only attract more developers...

There is no single entity on which the future of the software depends on

Free it to save it

No black boxes are possible

No per copy fees can be asked for modified versions

Fewer conflicting priorities due to bureaucratic constraints

New democratic forum

The collective desires of the community determine the direction of progress without obliging anyone

Total Cost of Ownership reduced

Many more are realised...

New Business Models

Loss leader/market entry

Widget frosting

Brand licensing


When, why and how-to "open code" a project

When LS is a rational organisational design

Competitive Advantage

Re - inventing management

The glue that holds the network together

Old economy paradigm

New economy paradigm

Starting a LS project - prerequisites for growth

Extending the Boundaries

Implementing Libre Software development methods and principles to other domains of economic and social activity

Applicability of LS to other industries

Education becomes life-long Learning

Deconstruction of the Music Value Chain

Automobile Industry - "The Open Source Development Model"

In the automobile industry, each company does its own R&D. Every innovation is patented before it ever reaches the public, which may take five years for the improvements to be incorporated in an actual car after they were originally developed. If the automobile industry started taking on an open source development model with sharing across companies and countries, the cost and prices would eventually drop, innovation and development would speed up and exceptional features would be shared across many makers and models. The auto industry could finally come up with the safe, clean energy car. The problem is that the car companies do not seem likely to support something that they perceive could put them out of business, even though this would not happen since nothing stops them from developing on their own and incorporating developments from their "open design shop" into their own products...

By Dan Barber accessible at link

"Zero Emission" Cars

Financing Social Capital Shorebank (in Chicago)

We viewed a disinvested community as a failing market...revitalising such a community requires recognition that disinvestment is a market phenomenon and can only be reversed by reinvigorating local markets. Permanent, self-sustaining community renewal results from creating an environment in which private investors inside and outside the community are confident that their investments will be rewarded as healthy community dynamics are restored

by Ron Grzywinski, founder of Shorebank

The Free State Project

The Free State Project is a plan in which 20,000 or more liberty-oriented people will move to a single state of the U.S. to secure there a free society. We will accomplish this by first reforming state law, opting out of federal mandates, and finally negotiating directly with the federal government for appropriate political autonomy. We will be a community of freedom-loving individuals and families, and create a shining example of liberty for the rest of the nation and the world link

Human Rights & Free Software

The Future of Telecoms

Global p2p messaging revenue (US$m)

For More Detailed Information on Pervasive Computing...

Human Genome Project

There is no MS Word's the scientific process...

In biological research it's not the software that's important -- it's the data. Since the actual data matters much more than the tools used to process it, there's a big benefit in sharing software. A researcher can get great advantage by getting access to other datasets, which can be achieved by sharing the software tools. Bioinformatics companies are never going to make money by selling their software. They're going to make money by making drugs or other products that come out of their research.

Molecular biology/medicine will be most advanced by the creation of a common infrastructure -- and this is something best done with open source tools link

Open Source Intelligence Online Self-Organizing Social Systems

NerdTV by Robert X. Cringely

NerdTV will still be downloaded, not streamed, and a single technical standard will be used for all viewers no matter what kind of Internet connection they have or what operating system they are running. The show will appear each week in a dizzying total of five versions. Of the three video versions, one will be for nerds, one for suits, and the third version will be all the raw footage so you can edit your own version and make fun of me at parties. There will be two audio-only versions -- one MP3 and one Ogg Vorbis

Viewers will be free to share and redistribute the shows under the General Public License, which is something no other TV network in the world is doing. So there! link

Variability, Customisation and Responsiveness by David Stark

For goods, technologies, and services that are 'patchy' such as software, there is no reason to implement bureaucratic organisational designs since the flexibility-responsiveness and customisation that end users ask for (in other words the nature of technological change demonstrated by the Internet) requires flexible models of economic organisation

The key word is variabiltiy

Variability produces organisational flux. When the challenges of responsiveness are too great for institutional routinization, organisations' bureaucratic structures are destabilised. Heterarchies-flatter organisational structures with distributed accountability, decentralised decision making and multiple, often competing goals emerge... From product design to organisational design, "permanently beta" settings have this potential to be participatory...

Ie. slashdot and as "permanently beta" websites that 'recycle the web in real-time' link