Libre Software Engineering

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An alternative vision of Software Engineering

Grupo Sistemas Comunicaciones

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

Móstoles, Madrid (Spain)

Why a new perspective?

The software "crisis"

Brooks' law (another one)

There is no development form, in any technology or with any management technique, that by itself promises an enhancement of one order of magnitude in terms of productivity, reliability and simplicity.

In "No Silver Bullet: Essence And Accidents In Software Engineering"

Brooks showed the way

The new focus: Libre Software Engineering

Libre Software?

So far...

Adam Smith, 1776

With software

Libre Software Engineering

Is this a new approach?

Until now it was not possible to be done (proprietary software) or if it was, it has not been done at such an extent (see NASA, CMM). Mainly because of the:



Methodology: a possible framework

Our work

Source Code

Information Exchange

Distributed Development

Other sources

Int and Ind Format

Analysis and more