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RE: [rox] Flying to the conference

Thanks for this work Stephen, I'll wait for the Brussels data...


-----Original Message-----
From: Stefan Merten [smerten]
Sent: 17 September 2002 20:38
To: referenten
Cc: Stefan Merten
Subject: [rox] Flying to the conference


Dear speakers,

this is mainly addressed to those of you, who are coming by air plane.

We thought about how to organize your flights. We considered asking a
travel agency to book the flights for you, but we dropped that,
because we worry it causes too much hassle and eventually will not be
of much use. We think you will serve yourself better - especially when
you're planning a longer stay in Berlin.

However, because of limited funding we need to have an eye on the
costs. So we decided to use the following procedure.

Please book your flight yourself. Please use the cheapest flight
possible. If you have any option to buy cheaper tickets (e.g. miles &
more, student tickets, etc.) please consider using them.

To get an idea of what the costs might be we checked the costs for the
flights from Berlin to your place and back - i.e. we checked the other
way you will travel. This was available on some German Web travel
agency and we hope that the real direction won't differ too much. The
results of this poll are the basis of our calculation.

In a few minutes I'll send all of the eight international guests among
you the result of this check. If the cheapest ticket (including tax)
you found is up to 20% more expensive than the amount we found, then
go on and buy it. If you want to buy a ticket more than 20% above the
price we found, please ask me or Lutz before buying whether we can
take that. Of course if the ticket you got is cheaper than that this
is even better.

We're sorry, but because of our limited funding we need to do it this

Please understand, that we can't pay for any partners or friends you
want to travel with. Also, per contribution we can pay for one person

						Mit Freien Grüßen


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