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Re: [rox] Reimbursment of travel expenses

Hi all,

PLEASE READ THIS MAIL - if you want to get your travel expenses back:-)

On Sunday 10 November 2002 10:54, Stefan Merten wrote:
A few days ago Lutz sent a message to the speakers regarding
reimbursement of travel expenses. I guess because the mail contained
private data he did not send it by this list but by an own one.

Unfortunately he seemingly missed at least one person. So: If you have
no information yet, please contact Stefan Meretz.

Nobody contacted me directly, therefore, I assume everybody got the 
private mail from Lutz with my private address (where you should send the 
receipts). If not: email me.

The reimbursement procedure is as follows:
- you send me the original receipt of your ticket (as Lutz explained)
- I collect them until the budget limit from our sponsor is reached
- I bring them to AStA (sponsor) who is doing the reimbursement
- the costs exceeding AStA's budget will be reimbursed by ox

BUT: Until now I received receipts from 6 persons only.

Please: send me your tickets/receipts (originals only) by snail-mail ASAP! 
If you lost (or don't have) my private smail address: send me a private 

If you don't need your expenses back (due to making a gift, or having a 
private sponsor etc.), an email about this gift would be very kind:-)

This applies to everybody who made a contribution on one of the
presentations. May be in the end we have enough money left to
reimburse even those people who were not explicitly invited by us.
However, we don't know this yet, so stay tuned.

Due to having so few receipts we don't know more today too. But it might 
be a good idea to smail me tickets/receipts or to email us the sums, so 
that we are able to make a more secure calulation about the entire costs.


    Vereinte Dienstleistungsgewerkschaft ver.di
    Potsdamer Platz 10, 10785 Berlin
    private stuff:


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