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Re: [rox] Conference documentation

Hi Tereza!

4 days ago Tereza wrote:
But now for the uncomfortable part of this mail ;-) . Please send
me a documentation of your talk / presentation. There is no
deadline but I would really ask you to not wait to long.

I did not know that we were supposed to produce some sort a written

We mentioned it in the speaker FAQ
[]. But you have been
added to the speakers a bit late so you may have missed its existance.

Therefore no one in "my" workshop took any notes apart
from what everyone was personally interested in /concernced with.


Unfortunately the audio recording just from that workshop did not work
as far as I have been told :-( . ThomasK may know better.

Since the LinuxBildungsBande: revolutionaere Bildungsarbeit will have
a concrete outcome: a leaflet for LinuxUserWorkshops, willbe-user
hints and so on, we can give you that, but it won't be finished until

Something late is always better than nothing.

Also we went into different groups to discuss different
problems people were interested in. This makes a complete
documentation even more complicated, if not impossible.
So, what to do?

Perhaps it is possible you write down some short impressions from the
workshop from your memory? For instance the topics the smaller groups
were concerned with may be interesting to know. Together with the
leaflet this would give at least an impression of what happened.

Is this ok for you?

						Mit Freien Grüßen



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