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[rox] Transcripts from sound recordings

Dear speakers at the 2. Oekonux conference,

Joel offered to write transcripts from one or more of the sound
recordings we made from the conference - I guess from the English ones
only. This would be great and I'd be happy to include it in addition
to the written documentation I got from you.

He now asks whether this needs any special permission from you and if
so how to get it. In the FAQ there is some general copyright agreement
you implicitly agreed to:

However, strictly this applies only to the papers. I think nobody of
you has a general problem with copyright on your spoken word. Anyway
the material is or will be online as sound so it is in some way public

On the other hand you may have good reasons to have some control over
the transcript. If so, please contact Joel (see `Cc:') in a private
mail and find a solution. At best you keep me in `Cc:' so I can help
if necessary.

						Mit Freien Grüßen



[English translation]
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