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Re: [rox] Licenses for conference contributions

Hi Graham and all!

2 hours ago Graham Seaman wrote:
Something that has also happened to me in the past is for someone to take
sections of something I wrote and publish them under their own name, for
payment, with no acknowledgement. I'm not wild about that, either,
and rather than a license designed for documentation would prefer one
designed for personal opinions - for example, the one here:
which has no unnecessary verbiage and achieves everything I would like.
ould that be acceptable?

Are you absolutely sure about the link? Actually I can't see anything
remotely similar to a license there. But that's perhaps why you asked
;-) .

In general I'd say, that at minimum every license that grants us (i.e.
formally Projekt Oekonux e.V.) the right to do everything we can think
of with the material (including publishing it in a reader or pressing
it on CD for instance). Of course the references to the person the
material originated from are always included in our material.

However, since we're talking of Free Software I think a license which
grants these rights to everybody would be simply more adequate.

This is mainly important for papers I guess, but as we are going to
record the talks this is in principle also valid for the spoken word.

'any medium' covers that too, I guess...


						Mit Freien Grüßen



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